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House plans

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Customise standard plans: We offer the option to customise any of our standard plans.
Prices in your region may vary.
Other 1 The Glen Eden Studio

The Glen Eden Studio

Villa 2 The Petite Avondale

The Petite Avondale

Villa 2 The Petite Newmarket

The Petite Newmarket

Pioneer 2 The Waipu

The Waipu

Pioneer 2 The Riverton

The Riverton

Cottage 2 The Woodlands

The Woodlands

Villa 3 The Bayswater

The Bayswater

Villa 3 The Avondale

The Avondale

Villa 3 The Newmarket

The Newmarket

Villa 3 The Newmarket + Garage

The Newmarket + Garage

Villa 3 The Lincoln

The Lincoln

Villa 3 The Howick

The Howick

Bungalow 3 The Pasadena

The Pasadena

Bungalow 3 The Santa Monica

The Santa Monica

Bungalow 3 The Santa Monica + Garage

The Santa Monica + Garage

Bungalow 3 The Chico

The Chico

Bungalow 3 The Chico + Garage

The Chico + Garage

Bungalow 3 The Sacramento

The Sacramento

Cottage 3 The Appleby

The Appleby

Cottage 3 The Ivy

The Ivy

Cottage 3 The Rose

The Rose

Cottage 3 The Sunnyside

The Sunnyside

Cottage 3 The Orchard House

The Orchard House

Other 3 The Balmoral

The Balmoral

Villa 4+ The Kingsland

The Kingsland

Villa 4+ The Fendalton

The Fendalton

Villa 4+ The Parnell

The Parnell

Bungalow 4+ The San Diego

The San Diego

Bungalow 4+ The Fresno

The Fresno

Bungalow 4+ The Laguna

The Laguna

Other 4+ The Tudor

The Tudor

Other 4+ The Kerikeri

The Kerikeri

Other 4+ The Arundel

The Arundel

Other 4+ The Art Deco

The Art Deco

Cabin 1 The Ascot Stables

The Ascot Stables

Cabin 1 Small Bungalow Cabin 24

Small Bungalow Cabin 24

Cabin 1 Large Bungalow Cabin 38

Large Bungalow Cabin 38

Cabin 1 Small Pioneer Cabin 24

Small Pioneer Cabin 24

Cabin 1 Large Pioneer Cabin 38

Large Pioneer Cabin 38

Cabin 1 Small Villa Cabin

Small Villa Cabin

Cabin 1 Large Villa Cabin

Large Villa Cabin

Garage Single Pioneer Garage 24

Single Pioneer Garage 24

Garage Double Pioneer Garage 38

Double Pioneer Garage 38

Garage Single Villa Garage 24

Single Villa Garage 24

Garage Double Villa Garage 38

Double Villa Garage 38

Garage Single Bungalow Garage 24

Single Bungalow Garage 24

Garage Double Bungalow Garage 38

Double Bungalow Garage 38

Please contact your local Heritage Homes Licensee for further information
The estimated prices shown are indicative only based on the Heritage Building and Homes standard specification.
The purchase price of your section, along with other items including council fees and site excavation are not included.
The build cost of your home may also have regional variance. Kitsets not available in all regions.
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