Our Plans - Villas, Bungalows, Early Pioneer and English Cottages

The design styles are the fabulous ornate Villa’s, the classic retro Bungalow, the early Pioneer Cottage along with the ever endearing English Cottage.

Home Plans Cabin Plans Garage Plans

The plans have been carefully designed to allow the addition of extra rooms if required. The designs also allow changes for your special needs and difficult sites.

All plans are designed and engineered for very high wind loads, snow, earthquake A and corrosion zone’s 1-3 so will suit almost any site in New Zealand. Every site in New Zealand is unique in its own way, so it will need its very own designed footings and floor along with a drainage and site plan. We can do this for you if you wish.

The cost of working drawings including specifications are included in the cost of your home. However should you wish to make changes to any of our plans or need us to provide you with a bespoke plan of your own, we will need to make concept sketches to ensure we have recorded all your requirements accurately and that when we get to providing a quotation we can be sure that we get it right. The cost of concept plans is from $1500.00.