Show Home Investor Plan

Heritage Homes pride themselves on their ability to produce high quality buildings which are sympathetic to the wonderful designs of a time gone by incorporating the use of sustainable and affordable products to future proof the buildings for future generations. With this in mind, Heritage Homes offer a sale and leaseback show home package that will give potential investors a secure investment into the future. By building a show home with a lease back agreement in place, a win-win opportunity exists for both parties. Heritage Homes gets to showcase their spectacular period homes and the investor gets a sound investment wrapped in a package that is very desirable with a guaranteed return on their investment.

The package is likely to appeal to a number of investors. The ability to buy, leaseback, and then sell at a profit will appeal to the investor looking for a sure return over a relatively short period of time. The longer term investor will find appeal in the guaranteed leaseback aspect of the package, a high quality rental home bought with the perfect tenant already in place.

For some, the ability to build their dream home then have it begin paying for itself while being beautifully maintained will be a big draw card.

Benefits & Advantages:

Also included in the price:

This is a unique opportunity to invest in property. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact the team at Heritage Homes today.